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When everything else fails, call headquarters

Posted in Travel Tips  by Traveler on September 9th, 2008

How many times have you booked a flight, rented a car or hotel room only to discover out later on that what you were promised is not what you got?  Perhaps they are trying to charge you more, or give you different hotel room or deny that free car upgrade you got online. If you call the customer service department of any of those online reservation sites most likely you would get nowhere. Most front line customer care staffs have very little authority to issue a refund, or get your problem solved. So what is the alternative? Contact the company corporate office if everything else fails.

Big companies hate bad publicity, and they know that it only takes a dissatisfied customer to post something negative on a blog or a forum to create an avalanche or negative press.

But the problem with contacting any corporate office is that it is hard to find their phone number. Many times their own front line staff doesn’t know it or are not allowed to give it to customers. Your other alternative is search it online, or discovered it buried in some obscure web page in the company’s website.

I have compiled a list of the 4 most popular online travel sites (Expedia, Travelocity, Price Line and Orbitz) corporate contact information (actually the number is even higher considering that Expedia owns, Trip Advisor, and Hotwire) When possible I provide the top executive phone numbers or email address.

If you are looking for specific travel related company, such as hotel chain, or car rental, I recommend you look for the corporate contact information on Consumer Action Website where they have a very comprehensive list of corporate contact information arranged alphabetically. You can also search for hard to find 800 numbers, many of them from corporate

If every thing fails, The Consumerist web site, has very good suggestion on how to launch an executive email carpet bomb that had provided very successful for those who had tried it. They even show you how to find executives’ phone numbers and email addresses.  


Owns:,, Hotwire, Egencia, TripAdvisor and Classic Vacations

Headquarter Phone Number: 425-679-7200

Customer Service 1-800-EXPEDIA

Price Line

Head Quarters:

800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854.

Phone: (203) 299-8000

Fax: (203) 595-0160

 Senior Management

  Jeffery H. Boyd
President and Chief Executive Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 269353#

Christopher L.  Soder
President, North American Travel

 Lisa  Gillingham
Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Operations 
(203) 299-8000, 1, 4455464426#

Other Corportate Contacts

Jeffery H. Boyd President and Chief Operating Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 269353#
Robert Mylod Chief Financial Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 69563#
Brett Keller Chief Marketing Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 535537#
Ronald V. Rose Chief Information Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 7673766#
Trey Urbahn President, Airlines
(203) 299-8000, 1, 872246#
Christopher L. Soder President, Hotels
(203) 299-8000, 1, 76337#
Jeanne D. Wisniewski Executive Vice President, Human Resources
(203) 299-8000, 1, 9476439#
Lisa Gillingham Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Operations
(203) 299-8000, 1, 4455464426#
Mitch Truwit Executive Vice President, Operations and Product Development
(203) 299-8000, 1, 8789488#


Customer Care: 888.872.8356
Michelle Peluso
President & Chief Executive Officer, Travelocity Global
Executive Vice President, Sabre Holdings

Headquarter Contact:
3150 Sabre Drive
Southlake, TX 76092

Tel: 1 682 605 1000


Corporate Headquarters:

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.
500 W. Madison
Chicago, Illinois 60661

Customer Service:
1-888-656-4546, or 001-312-416-0018 (outside USA)

Corporate Office:
(312) 894-5000

Board of Directors

Jeff Clarke

William C. Cobb

Richard P. Fox

Jill A. Greenthal

William J.G. Griffith, IV

Paul C. “Chip” Schorr, IV

Jaynie Miller Studenmund

Steve Barnhart
President and Chief Executive Officer

 Corporate Emails:
Brian Hoyt
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.

 Jeanenne Diefendorf
Director, Consumer PR

Hotel Supplier Services
Peggy Bianco


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